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CCYAL Directors

The Center for Children’s and Young Adult Literature is a partnership among the University Libraries, the College of Education, Health & Human Sciences, and the School of Information Sciences in the College of Communications & Information.


The CCYAL director reports to the Director of the School of Information Sciences.

Responsibilities of the Director include the following:

  • Lead the CCYAL Board of Directors
  • Represent CCYAL to the Deans/Directors of parent colleges
  • Lead the CCYAL Board in the development and implementation of annual and long-term goals
  • Prepare a CCYAL budget request annually
  • Prepare a CCYAL annual report to the Deans/Directors of parent colleges

Executive Committee

Members include the CCYAL Director and one representative from each of the partner colleges.

Responsibilities include making decisions on behalf of the Board as needed, to assist the CCYAL director in leadership activities, and to appoint new members to the Board of Directors.

Working Committees 

  • Mission/Bylaws
  • Development
  • Friends of the Center
  • Programming
  • Outreach
  • Communication/Marketing

Board of Directors

Members are appointed by the Executive Committee. The Board includes 12-15 representatives from UT and community organizations who are stakeholders in the CCYAL mission. At least three representatives should come from the partner colleges, three from area libraries, and three from area schools (K-12) in addition to the members of the Executive Committee who also serve as Board members.

Board members set, develop, and implement CCYAL goals. They participate in CCYAL activities and programs, and contribute to the annual report. Board members serve on CCYAL committees and form task groups as necessary to accomplish goals.


  • January
    • Board meeting
    • Prepare goals for new FY that begins July 1
    • Prepare budget request for new FY that begins July 1
    • Present budget request to College Deans and SIS Director
  • April
    • Committee meetings
  • August
    • Committee meetings
  • September
    • Board meeting
  • November
    • Committee meetings